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  • The act of traveling from one place to another, especially when involving a considerable distance; a trip.
  • A distance to be traveled or the time required for a trip.
  • A process or course likened to traveling, such as a series of trying experiences; a passage.
  • To make a journey; travel.
  • To travel over or through.
  • To make a journey; travel; go from place to place.
  • A day's work, occupation, or travel; a day of battle or of toil of any kind; hence, labor; work; service; task; trouble.
  • A course of travel or transit, as from one place to another, or indefinitely from point to point in space or time: as, a <em>journey</em>; from London to Paris or to Rome; a week's <em>journey</em>; the <em>journey</em> of life.
  • In <em>glass-making</em>, a single cycle or round of work, in which the raw materials are converted into glass, and the glass is withdrawn from the pots in which it has been melted; the time employed in converting a certain quantity of material into glass.
  • The weight of finished coins delivered simultaneously to the master of the British mint.
  • To travel from place to place; to go from home to a distance.
  • To traverse; to travel over or through.
  • The travel or work of a day.
  • Travel or passage from one place to another, especially one covering a large distance or taking a long time.
  • A passage through life, or a passage through any significant experience, or from one state to another.
  • The distance that is traveled in a journey{2}, or the time taken to complete a journey{2}.
  • A set amount of travelling, seen as a single unit; a <xref>discrete</xref> <xref>trip</xref>, a <xref>voyage</xref>.
  • A <xref>day</xref>.
  • A day's travelling; the <xref>distance</xref> travelled in a day.
  • A day's <xref>work</xref>.
  • To travel, to make a trip or voyage.
  • the act of traveling from one place to another
  • travel upon or across
  • undertake a journey or trip
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