• A group dance, probably of West African origin, characterized by complex rhythmic clapping and body movements and practiced on plantations in the southern United States during the 1700s and 1800s.
  • In <em>zoology</em>, the long, thick-set hair on the neck, chest, or back of certain quadrupeds; a mane.
  • In <em>botany</em>, a loose panicle with the axis deliquescent; also, a dense cluster of awns, as in the spikes of some grasses.
  • A characteristic dance of the plantation negroes in the southern United States.
  • A dance developed by slaves in the U. S., having a lively tune and accompanied by a complex rhythmic clapping, and by slapping the thighs.
  • The <xref>mane</xref> of an <xref>animal</xref>.
  • A loose <xref>panicle</xref> whose <xref>axis</xref> falls to pieces, as in certain <xref>grasses</xref>.
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