• To rejoice; exult.
  • To utter jubilant sounds or expressions; rejoice; exult.
  • A monk, canon, or doctor who has served fifty years.
  • In the <em>Anglican liturgy</em>, the canticle or psalm (Ps. c.) that follows the second lesson in the morning service: so called from the first word of the Latin version.
  • A musical setting of this canticle.
  • The third Sunday after Easter: so called from the 66th Psalm (which in the Vulgate begins with the same words as the 100th) being used as the introit on that day.
  • To exult; to rejoice.
  • The third Sunday after Easter; -- so called because the introit is the 66th Psalm, which, in the Latin version, begins with the words, “Jubilate Deo.”
  • A name of the 100th Psalm; -- so called from its opening word in the Latin version.
  • To show <xref>elation</xref> or <xref>triumph</xref>; to <xref>rejoice</xref>.
  • to express great joy
  • celebrate a jubilee
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