• A yokelike structure in certain insects that joins the forewings to the hind wings, keeping them together during flight.
  • In <em>bot</em>: A pair of leaflets in a compound leaf.
  • A ridge on the carpel of an umbelliferous plant.
  • [<em>capitalized</em>] A yellow star of magnitude 3.3, in the constellation of the Lyre; <bt>γ</bt> Lyræ.
  • In the <em>Brachiopoda</em>, such as <em>Spirifer, Cyrtina</em>, etc., a part of the shelly internal supporting skeleton which joins the bases of the two spirally coiled ribbons or spiralia.
  • A small lobe projecting backward from the basal inner margin of the fore wing in the <em>Jugatæ</em>, which extends under the costal margin of the hind wing, holding the pair together.
  • One of the ridges commonly found on the fruit of umbelliferous plants.
  • A pair of the opposite leaflets of a pinnate plant.
  • One of the <xref>ridges</xref> commonly found on the <xref>fruit</xref> of <xref>umbelliferous</xref> <xref>plants</xref>.
  • A pair of <xref>opposite</xref> <xref>leaflets</xref> of a <xref>pinnate</xref> plant.
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