• In <em>ceramics</em>, the staining of the glaze on the under parts of pieces of ceramic ware: a potters' term. This effect is sometimes noticed on pieces decorated with flow-blue color.
  • of <xref urlencoded="jump">jump</xref>, to leap.
  • a seed of a Mexican Euphorbia, containing the larva of a moth (<spn>Carpocapsa saltitans</spn>). The larva by its sudden movements causes the seed to roll to roll and jump about.
  • a South African rodent (<spn>Pedetes Caffer</spn>), allied to the jerboa.
  • any of the numerous species of plant lice belonging to the family <ex>Psyllidæ</ex>, several of which are injurious to fruit trees.
  • North American mouse (<spn>Zapus Hudsonius</spn>), having a long tail and large hind legs. It is noted for its jumping powers. Called also <altname>kangaroo mouse</altname>.
  • gray mullet.
  • any African insectivore of the genus Macroscelides. They are allied to the shrews, but have large hind legs adapted for jumping.
  • spider of the genus Salticus and other related genera; one of the Saltigradæ; -- so called because it leaps upon its prey.
  • <xref>excellent</xref>, very <xref>fun</xref>
  • Present participle of <xref>jump</xref>.
  • the act of participating in an athletic competition in which you must jump
  • the act of jumping; propelling yourself off the ground
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