• Any of various sparrows of the genus <em>Junco</em> of North and Central America, having predominantly gray plumage, a gray or black head, and white outer tail feathers.
  • A notable genus of the finch family, <em>Fringillidæ</em>; the North American snowbirds.
  • [<em>lowercase</em>] Any bird of this genus; a snowbird.
  • None
  • A thorny shrub or small tree, <em>Kœberlinia spinosa</em>, of southwestern Texas and northern Mexico, with numerous almost leafless branches, the branchlets ending in spines.
  • Any bird of the genus Junco, which includes several species of North American finches; -- called also <altname>snowbird</altname>, or <altname>blue snowbird</altname>.
  • Any <xref>bird</xref> of the genus <xref>Junco</xref>, which includes several species of <xref>North American</xref> <xref>finch</xref>.
  • small North American finch seen chiefly in winter
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