• Land covered with a dense growth of tropical vegetation.
  • A dense thicket or growth.
  • A dense, confused mass; a jumble.
  • Something made up of many confused elements; a bewildering complex or maze.
  • A place or milieu characterized by intense, often ruthless competition or struggle for survival.
  • A place where hoboes camp.
  • A dense growth of rank and tangled vegetation, large and small, often nearly impenetrable, such as is characteristic of some parts of India, especially in the swampy regions at the base of the Himalaya mountains.
  • A tract of land covered by such vegetation; a wilderness of dense overgrowth; a piece of swampy thickset forest-land.
  • A dense growth of brushwood, grasses, reeds, vines, etc.; an almost impenetrable thicket of trees, canes, and reedy vegetation, as in India, Africa, Australia, and Brazil.
  • A place of danger or ruthless competition for survival.
  • Anything which causes confusion or difficulty due to intricacy.
  • the aswail or sloth bear.
  • the chaus.
  • the male of a jungle fowl.
  • An Australian grallatorial bird (<spn>Megapodius tumulus</spn>) which is allied to the brush turkey, and, like the latter, lays its eggs in mounds of vegetable matter, where they are hatched by the heat produced by decomposition.
  • A large, undeveloped, <xref>humid</xref> <xref>forest</xref>, especially in a <xref>tropical</xref> region, that is home to many <xref>wild</xref> plants and animals.
  • A place where people behave <xref>ruthlessly</xref>, <xref>unconstrained</xref> by <xref>law</xref> or <xref>morality</xref>.
  • An area where <xref>hobos</xref> <xref>camp</xref> together.
  • A style of <xref>electronic</xref> <xref>music</xref> related to <xref>drum and bass</xref>.
  • an impenetrable equatorial forest
  • a place where hoboes camp
  • a location marked by an intense competition and struggle for survival
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