• A group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power.
  • A council or small legislative body in a government, especially in Central or South America.
  • A meeting; a council. See <internalXref urlencoded="junto">junto</internalXref>.
  • Specifically In Spain, a consultative or legislative assembly, either for the whole country or for one of its separate parts.
  • A council; a convention; a tribunal; an assembly; esp., the grand council of state in Spain.
  • A junto.
  • A small committee or group self-appointed to serve as the government of a country, usually just after a coup d'etat or revolution, and often composed primarily of military men. The term is used mostly in Latin American countries.
  • A <xref>council</xref>; a <xref>convention</xref>; a <xref>tribunal</xref>; an <xref>assembly</xref>; especially, the grand council of state in Spain.
  • The ruling council of a military <xref>dictatorship</xref>.
  • a group of military officers who rule a country after seizing power
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