• A clause attached to an affidavit, in which a notary or legally authorized officer attests to the fact that the affidavit was made under oath.
  • In <em>law</em>, the official memorandum subscribed at the end of an affidavit, showing the time when and the person before whom it was sworn.
  • A sworn officer; a magistrate; a member of a permanent jury.
  • A person under oath; specifically, an officer of the nature of an alderman, in certain municipal corporations in England.
  • The memorandum or certificate at the end of an asffidavit, or a bill or answer in chancery, showing when, before whom, and (in English practice), where, it was sworn or affirmed.
  • The written statement by a <xref>notary public</xref> that he or she has administered and witnessed an <xref>oath</xref> or <xref>affirmation</xref>.
  • The written statement of a person that he or she has declared an <xref>oath</xref> or <xref>affirmation</xref>.
  • A municipal official in the <xref>Cinque Ports</xref> or in certain French towns.
  • A life <xref>magistrate</xref>.
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