• A fish of the genus <em>Caranx</em>, as <em>C. pisquetus</em>, <em>C. fallax</em>, in Florida, etc.
  • A yellow carangoid fish of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts (<spn>Caranx chrysos</spn>), most abundant southward, where it is valued as a food fish; -- called also <altname>hardtail</altname>, <altname>horse crevallé</altname>, <altname>jack</altname>, <altname>buffalo jack</altname>, <altname>skipjack</altname>, <altname>yellow mackerel</altname>, and sometimes, improperly, <altname>horse mackerel</altname>. Other species of Caranx (as <spn>Caranx fallax</spn>) are also sometimes called <ex>jurel</ex>.
  • The <xref>jack</xref>, edible fish of the genera Caranx or Trachurus.
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