• Of or relating to the law and its administration.
  • Pertaining to the promulgation or dispensation of law; founded upon or according to the forms of law; relating to or concerned with administrative law: as, a <em>juridical</em> argument; <em>juridical</em> methods; <em>juridical</em> oppression.
  • Subsisting in contemplation of law; of the nature of an abstract legal conception: as, a <em>juridical</em> person, or a <em>juridical</em> transaction (that is to say, a person or transaction legally supposed or conceived of to some extent irrespective of actual existence and of incidents and circumstances not recognized by the law).
  • Pertaining to the <xref>law</xref> or <xref>rule of law</xref>, <xref>legal</xref>; <xref>judicial</xref>, related to the <xref>administration</xref> of <xref>justice</xref> (as to <xref>jurisprudence</xref>, or to the function of a <xref>judge</xref> or <xref>court</xref>).
  • relating to the administration of justice or the function of a judge
  • of or relating to the law or jurisprudence
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