• None
  • One who serves as a member of a jury.
  • One who awaits or is called for service on a jury.
  • One who serves on a deliberative body analogous to a jury.
  • One who takes or has taken an oath; one who swears; an oath-taker. Compare <internalXref urlencoded="nonjuror">nonjuror</internalXref>.
  • One who serves on a jury; a juryman; a person sworn to deliver the truth on the evidence given him concerning any matter in question or on trial.
  • The syndic of a gild or trade, elected by the members of a craft to act as arbiter between master and man, examine apprentices, initiate masters, and represent the body of them.
  • One of a body of men selected to adjudge prizes, etc., at a public exhibition or competition of any kind
  • A member of a jury; a juryman.
  • A member of any jury for awarding prizes, etc.
  • a member of a <xref>jury</xref>
  • someone who serves (or waits to be called to serve) on a jury
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