• A short ornamental drapery for the top of a window or door or the edge of a shelf.
  • A heavy protective cloth worn over a helmet in medieval times.
  • A piece of textile fabric, leather, or the like, hanging by one of its edges, and typically having the opposite edge dagged, slitted, scalloped, or otherwise cut in an ornamental manner: used in several ways.
  • In <em>decorative art</em>, painting on a surface more or less imitating or resembling a lambrequin, as in some Chinese vases, in which the upper part of the body is covered by solid decoration having a lower edge of jagged or ornamented outline.
  • In <em>heraldry</em>, the mantelet, represented as floating from the helmet, and often forming an important part of the ornamental decoration of the achievement.
  • A kind of pendent scarf or covering attached to the helmet, to protect it from wet or heat.
  • A leather flap hanging from a cuirass.
  • A piece of ornament drapery or short decorative hanging, pendent from a shelf or from the casing above a window, hiding the curtain fixtures, or the like.
  • A short decorative <xref>drapery</xref> for a <xref>shelf</xref> edge or for the top of a window casing; a <xref>valance</xref>.
  • An ornamental hanging over upper part of window or along the edge of a shelf.
  • A border pattern with draped effect used in ceramics.
  • A covering for a helmet.
  • In <xref>heraldry</xref>, drapery attached to a <xref>helmet</xref>.
  • short and decorative hanging for a shelf edge or top of a window casing
  • a scarf that covers a knight's helmet
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