• The fundamental unit of the lexicon of a language. <em>Find, finds, found,</em> and <em>finding</em> are forms of the English lexeme <em>find.</em>
  • Roughly, the <xref>set</xref> of <xref>inflected</xref> forms taken by a single word, such as the lexeme RUN including as members "run" (<xref>lemma</xref>), "running" (inflected form), or "ran", and excluding "runner" (derived term).
  • an individual instance of a continuous <xref>character</xref> <xref>sequence</xref> without spaces, used in <xref>lexical analysis</xref> (see <xref>token</xref>)
  • a minimal unit (as a word or stem) in the lexicon of a language; `go' and `went' and `gone' and `going' are all members of the English lexeme `go'
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