• To look on or treat (a person) as a celebrity.
  • To treat as a lion, or as an object of curiosity and interest. See <internalXref urlencoded="lion">lion</internalXref>, n., 6.
  • To exhibit objects of curiosity to.
  • To visit or explore as a sight-seer: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="lionize">lionize</internalXref> Niagara.
  • To visit the lions or objects of interest or curiosity in a place. Also spelled <internalXref urlencoded="lionise">lionise</internalXref>.
  • To treat or regard as a lion or object of great interest.
  • To show the lions or objects of interest to; to conduct about among objects of interest.
  • To treat (a person) as if he were <xref>important</xref>, or a <xref>celebrity</xref>.
  • To <xref>visit</xref> famous places in order to <xref>revere</xref> them.
  • To <xref>behave</xref> as a <xref>lion</xref>.
  • assign great social importance to
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