• In mixtures of fluids, a separation by differences of specific gravity. The lightest rises to the top and the heaviest goes to the bottom.
  • The act or operation of liquating or melting.
  • The condition or capacity of being melted: as, a substance congealed beyond <em>liquation.</em>
  • The separation of metals differing considerably in fusibility by subjecting them, when contained in an alloy or mixture, to a degree of heat sufficient to melt the most fusible only, which then flows away, or liquates, from the unmelted mass.
  • The act or operation of making or becoming liquid; also, the capacity of becoming liquid.
  • The process of separating, by heat, an easily fusible metal from one less fusible; eliquation.
  • The partial <xref>melting</xref> of a mixture of <xref>metals</xref> or <xref>ores</xref> in order to separate <xref>components</xref>
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