• The state of being liquid.
  • The quality of being readily convertible into cash.
  • Available cash or the capacity to obtain it on demand.
  • The state or quality of being liquid; fluid consistence; capacity of flowing freely.
  • The quality of being smooth, flowing, and agreeable: said of sound, music, etc.
  • The state or quality of being liquid.
  • The state or property of being <xref>liquid</xref>.
  • An <xref>asset</xref>'s property of being able to be sold without affecting its value; the degree to which it can be easily converted into <xref>cash</xref>.
  • Availability of cash over short term: ability to service short-term debt.
  • the state in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow with little or no tendency to disperse and relatively high incompressibility
  • the property of flowing easily
  • being in cash or easily convertible to cash; debt paying ability
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