• A public container for deposit of outgoing mail.
  • A private box for incoming mail.
  • A computer file or set of files for the collection and storage of e-mail.
  • A box placed in some public place, as at a street corner, for the deposit of letters to be gathered by the postman.
  • A public box for deposit of mail, where it is later picked up by the postal authority for delivery.
  • A private box to recieve delivery of mail. The term is used both for boxes receiving mail delivered by the public postal authority, or by a private services, such as for mail to employees in large corporations.
  • A location within a computer storage device where electronic mail is held until it is retrieved by the addressee. Creation and use of an electronic <ex>mailbox</ex> requires special software as well as a data storage device.
  • A box into which <xref>mail</xref> is put
  • A <xref>folder</xref> or <xref>account</xref> for the storage of <xref>e-mail</xref>; an <xref>in-box</xref>.
  • a private box for delivery of mail
  • public box for deposit of mail
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