• An evergreen shrub <em>(Aristotelia chilensis)</em> native to Chile and Argentina, bearing edible purple berries used to make juice and wine.
  • A Chilian evergreen or subevergreen shrub, <em>Aristotelia Maqui</em>, of the natural order <em>Tiliaceœ.</em>
  • A tract of land on the shores of the Mediterranean, especially in Corsica, characterized by a silicious soil and occupied by a sclerophyllous vegetation more luxuriant and taller than that of the garrigues, but mainly bush, with a few trees, in France chiefly <em>Pinus Pinaster</em> and <em>Quercus Suber.</em> See <internalXref urlencoded="garrigue">garrigue</internalXref>.
  • A Chilian shrub (<spn>Aristotelia Maqui</spn>). Its bark furnishes strings for musical instruments, and a medicinal wine is made from its berries.
  • A <xref>South American</xref> <xref>shrub</xref> (Aristotelia maqui).
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