• A large tent, often with open sides, used chiefly for outdoor entertainment.
  • A rooflike structure, often bearing a signboard, projecting over an entrance, as to a theater or hotel.
  • Exceptionally popular or skilled.
  • A tent of unusual size and elaborateness; an officer's field-tent; hence, a large tent or wooden structure erected for a temporary purpose, such as to accommodate a dinner-party on some public occasion.
  • A large field tent; esp., one adapted to the use of an officer of high rank.
  • A large <xref>tent</xref> with open sides, used for <xref>outdoors</xref> <xref>entertainment</xref>.
  • A projecting <xref>canopy</xref> over an <xref>entrance</xref>, especially one with a <xref>sign</xref> that displays the name of the establishment or other information of it.
  • By generalization, used for lights that turn on and off in sequence, or scrolling text, as these are common elements on a marquee.
  • A <xref>banner</xref> on a <xref>web page</xref> displaying text that <xref>scrolls</xref> horizontally.
  • In graphical editing software, a special selection tool, used to highlight a portion of an image.
  • large and often sumptuous tent
  • permanent canopy over an entrance of a hotel etc.
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