• Of or relating to a jaw or jawbone, especially the upper one.
  • A maxillary bone; a jawbone.
  • The posterior of the two bones which border the upper jaw in osseous fishes. It usually bears teeth in the soft-rayed fishes, but in the spiny-rayed fishes the teeth are confined to the prem axillary.
  • Of or pertaining in any way to a jaw or jaw-bone; specifically, of or pertaining to the maxilla alone, in any of the special senses of that word: as, the <em>maxillary</em> bones of a vertebrate; the <em>maxillary</em> palps of an insect.
  • A jawbone; a maxillary bone, or maxilla.
  • Of or relating to the <xref>jaw</xref> or <xref>jawbone</xref>
  • The <xref>jawbone</xref>
  • of or relating to the upper jaw
  • the jaw in vertebrates that is fused to the cranium
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