• A Polish dance resembling the polka, usually in 3/4 or 3/8 time with the second beat heavily accented, and frequently adopted as a ballet form.
  • The music for this dance.
  • A lively Polish dance, properly for four or eight pairs of dancers, originally performed with a singing accompaniment.
  • Music for such a dance or in its rhythm, which is triple and moderately rapid, with a capricious accent on the second beat of the measure.
  • A <xref>Polish</xref> <xref>folk dance</xref> in triple time, usually moderately fast, containing a heavy <xref>accent</xref> on the third beat and occasionally the second beat.
  • A classical musical composition inspired by the <xref>folk dance</xref> and conforming in some respects to its form, particularly as popularized by Chopin.
  • a Polish national dance in triple time
  • music composed for dancing the mazurka
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