• Any of numerous heterotrophic eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Metazoa, characteristically having a multicellular body with cells differentiated into tissues; an animal.
  • Of or pertaining to the <em>Metazoa.</em>
  • A member of the <em>Metazoa</em>; a metazoön.
  • One of the Metazoa.
  • Any <xref>animal</xref> that undergoes <xref>development</xref> from an <xref>embryo</xref> stage with three <xref>tissue</xref> layers, namely the <xref>ectoderm</xref>, <xref>mesoderm</xref>, and <xref>endoderm</xref>. The term applies to all animals except the <xref>sponges</xref>.
  • Having to do with <xref>animals</xref> that develop from an <xref>embryo</xref> with three <xref>tissue</xref> layers.
  • any animal of the subkingdom Metazoa; all animals except protozoans and sponges
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