• A poisonous Eurasian ornamental shrub <em>(Daphne mezereum)</em> having fragrant lilac-purple flowers and small scarlet fruit.
  • The dried bark of this plant, formerly used for medicinal purposes.
  • An Old World shrub, <em>Daphne Mezereum.</em> See cut under <internalXref urlencoded="Daphne">Daphne</internalXref>.
  • A small European shrub (<spn>Daphne Mezereum</spn>), whose acrid bark is used in medicine.
  • An <xref>ornamental</xref> <xref>shrub</xref>, Daphne mezereum, having purple flowers and bright red fruit.
  • The dried <xref>bark</xref> of this plant, once used as a <xref>vesicant</xref>.
  • small European deciduous shrub with fragrant lilac-colored flowers followed by red berries on highly toxic twigs
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