• One that mixes.
  • A sociable person.
  • An informal dance or party arranged to give members of a group an opportunity to get acquainted.
  • A device that blends or mixes substances or ingredients, especially by mechanical agitation.
  • A nonalcoholic beverage, such as soda water or ginger ale, used in mixed drinks.
  • None
  • One who mixes the audio components of a recording.
  • A device used to combine and adjust sounds from a variety of sources in order to create a final recorded audio product, such as the soundtrack of a movie.
  • A receptacle for diluting a drop of blood with a definite quantity of artificial serum preliminary to counting the blood-corpuscles.
  • A person of a social temperament; one who makes acquaintances readily and somewhat indiscriminately: as, he is a good <em>mixer.</em>
  • One who or that which mixes or mingles.
  • Specifically, a machine for mixing various substances. See <internalXref urlencoded="malaxator">malaxator</internalXref>.
  • One who, or that which, mixes.
  • A person who has social intercourse with others of many sorts; a person viewed as to his casual sociability; -- commonly used with some characterizing adjective.
  • a social gathering, game, or dance organized to provide an opportunity for people to meet each other.
  • a nonalcoholic beverage (such as fruit juice, club soda or ginger ale) added to an alcoholic beverage to produce a mixed drink.
  • any device used for mixing.
  • an electronic device for blending or manipulating sounds from different sources to produce a composite soundtrack, for an audio recording, video recording, or a movie.
  • The technician who operates a <er>mixer{6}</er>.
  • Someone or something who <xref>mixes</xref>; the <xref>agent noun</xref> of mix.
  • A <xref>machine</xref> outfitted with (typically <xref>blunt</xref>) <xref>blades</xref> with which it <xref>mixes</xref> or <xref>beats</xref> ingredients in a <xref>bowl</xref> below.
  • A non-alcoholic drink (such as <xref>lemonade</xref>, <xref>Coca-Cola</xref> or <xref>fruit juice</xref>) that is added to <xref>spirits</xref> to make <xref>cocktails</xref>.
  • <xref>mixing console</xref>
  • a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity
  • a kitchen utensil that is used for mixing foods
  • club soda or fruit juice used to mix with alcohol
  • electronic equipment that mixes two or more input signals to give a single output signal
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