• To rain in very fine drops; drizzle.
  • Fine rain.
  • To succumb; yield; hence, sometimes, to become tipsy.
  • To disappear suddenly; decamp; run off.
  • To overcome; confuse; entangle mentally.
  • Mist; fine rain.
  • To rain in very fine drops; to drizzle.
  • To take one's self off; to go.
  • To <xref>rain</xref> in very fine drops.
  • <xref>misty</xref> <xref>rain</xref> or <xref>drizzle</xref>
  • To <xref>abscond</xref>, <xref>scram</xref>, <xref>flee</xref>.
  • rain lightly
  • very light rain; stronger than mist but less than a shower
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