• To equip with a motor.
  • To supply with motor-driven vehicles.
  • To provide with automobiles.
  • In <em>psychology</em>, to apprehend a visual or auditory stimulus in motor or kinesthetic terms.
  • To substitute motor-driven vehicles, or automobiles, for the horses and horse-drawn vehicles of (a fire department, city, etc.).
  • to equip (a piece of machinery) with a motor.
  • to provide with automobiles or other motor vehicles.
  • To fit something with a <xref>motor</xref>.
  • To supply something or someone with <xref>motor vehicles</xref>.
  • To supply <xref>armoured</xref> vehicles; to <xref>mechanize</xref>.
  • equip with a motor
  • equip with a motor vehicle
  • equip with armed and armored motor vehicles
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