• A cone or cylinder prepared from the dried leaves of certain plants, especially mugwort, placed on the skin and ignited in order to produce counterirritation.
  • A soft downy substance prepared in China and Japan from the young leaves of <em>Artemisia Moxa</em>, used as a cautery.
  • The plant from which this substance is obtained.
  • In <em>medicine</em>, a vegetable substance, either cut or formed into a short cylinder, which when ignited will burn without fusing, used as a cautery or a counter-irritant by being applied to the skin.
  • A soft woolly mass prepared from the young leaves of <spn>Artemisia Chinensis</spn>, and used as a cautery by burning it on the skin; hence, any substance used in a like manner, as cotton impregnated with niter, amadou.
  • A plant from which this substance is obtained, esp. <spn>Artemisia Chinensis</spn>, and <spn>Artemisia moxa</spn>.
  • <xref>Mugwort</xref> root, as used in <xref>moxibustion</xref>.
  • Any other plant used in moxibustion.
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