• Any of various predatory marine gastropods of the family Muricidae, having rough spiny shells and including several species formerly used to produce the dye Tyrian purple.
  • . [<em>capitalized</em>] The typical genus of <em>Mùricidæ.</em>
  • A species of this genus.
  • Pl. <em>murexes</em> or <em>murices</em> (-rek-sez,-ri-sēz). A caltrop.
  • A shell used as a trumpet, as in representations of tritons, in art.
  • A genus of marine gastropods, having rough, and frequently spinose, shells, which are often highly colored inside; the rock shells. They abound in tropical seas.
  • Any of the <xref>genus</xref> <xref>Murex</xref> of <xref>marine</xref> <xref>gastropods</xref>.
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