• To make nasal or produce nasal sounds.
  • To render nasal, as the sound of a letter or syllable by modification or addition.
  • To speak or pronounce with a nasal sound; speak through the nose.
  • To utter words or letters with a nasal sound; to speak through the nose; to pronounce with a lowered velum.
  • To render nasal, as sound; to insert a nasal or sound in.
  • To <xref>speak</xref> through the <xref>nose</xref>.
  • To make a <xref>nasal</xref> <xref>sound</xref> when <xref>speaking</xref>.
  • To lower the <xref>uvula</xref> so that air flows through the nose during the <xref>articulation</xref> of a speech sound.
  • pronounce with a lowered velum
  • speak nasally or through the nose
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