• Nothing.
  • Not so; no.
  • To forbid, refuse, or veto.
  • A water sprite of German mythology, usually in human form or half-human and half-fish.
  • Nothing; as an answer, nothing; also, by extension, as adverb, no.
  • See the quotation.
  • In <em>Teut, myth.</em>, a water-spirit, good or bad. The Scotch water-kelpie is a wicked <em>nix.</em> Also written <internalXref urlencoded="nis">nis</internalXref>.
  • An exelamation of alarm used by thieves, street Arabs, and others: as, <em>nix</em>, the bobby! (policeman).
  • One of a class of water spirits, commonly described as of a mischievous disposition.
  • : <xref>nothing</xref>.
  • To make something become nothing; to <xref>reject</xref> or <xref>cancel</xref>.
  • To <xref>destroy</xref> or <xref>eradicate</xref>.
  • A treacherous water-spirit; a <xref>nixie</xref>.
  • a quantity of no importance
  • command against
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