• To rub or push against gently with or as if with the nose or snout.
  • To root or move with the snout.
  • To make rubbing or pressing motions with or as if with the nose or snout.
  • To nestle together.
  • To thrust the nose in or into; root up with the nose.
  • To touch or rub with the nose; press or rub the nose against.
  • To put a ring into the nose of (a hog).
  • To fondle closely, as a child.
  • To nurse; foster; rear.
  • To nose; burrow with the nose; rub noses.
  • To touch or feel something with the nose.
  • To go with the nose toward the ground.
  • To nestle.
  • To loiter; idle.
  • To noursle or nurse; to foster; to bring up.
  • To nestle; to house, as in a nest.
  • To work with the nose, like a swine in the mud.
  • To go with head poised like a swine, with nose down.
  • To hide the head, as a child in the mother's bosom; to nestle.
  • To loiter; to idle.
  • To touch someone or something with the nose.
  • rub noses
  • dig out with the snout
  • move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position
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