• To present or regard as an object.
  • To make objective, external, or concrete.
  • To make objective; present as an object; especially, to constitute as an object of sense; give form and shape to as an external object; externalize. Also <em>objectivate, objectize.</em>
  • To cause to become an object; to cause to assume the character of an object; to represent or consider as an object; to render objective.
  • to make something (such as an <xref>abstract</xref> idea) possible to be <xref>perceived</xref> by the <xref>senses</xref>
  • to treat as something <xref>objectively</xref> <xref>real</xref>
  • to treat as a <xref>mere</xref> <xref>object</xref> and deny the <xref>dignity</xref> of
  • make external or objective, or give reality to
  • make impersonal or present as an object
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