• The state or quality of being objective.
  • External or material reality.
  • The property or state of being objective, in any sense of that word; externality; external reality; universal validity; absorption in external objects. See <internalXref urlencoded="objective">objective</internalXref>, a.
  • In <em>psychology</em>, detachment from oneself; independent existence. See the extract.
  • The state, quality, or relation of being objective; character of the object or of the objective.
  • The state of being <xref>objective</xref>, <xref>just</xref>, <xref>unbiased</xref> and not <xref>influenced</xref> by <xref>emotions</xref> or <xref>personal</xref> <xref>prejudices</xref>
  • The <xref>world</xref> as it <xref>really</xref> is; <xref>reality</xref>
  • That which one understands, often, as intellectually, of all and everything, of what is sensed as felt, thereof
  • That which is perceived to be true to understanding
  • The object of understanding
  • judgment based on observable phenomena and uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices
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