• Abusively detractive language or utterance; calumny.
  • The condition of disgrace suffered as a result of abuse or vilification; ill repute.
  • Contumelious or abusive language addressed to or aimed at another; calumny; abuse; reviling.
  • That which causes reproach or detraction; an act or a condition which occasions abuse or reviling.
  • The state of one stigmatized; odium; disgrace; shame; infamy.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> <em>Opprobrium, Infamy</em>, etc. (see <internalXref urlencoded="ignominy">ignominy</internalXref>); censure, blame, detraction, calumny, aspersion; scandal, slander, defamation, dishonor, disgrace.
  • Censorious speech; defamatory language; language that casts contempt on men or their actions; blame; reprehension.
  • Cause of reproach; disgrace.
  • Abusive language.
  • Disgrace suffered from abusive language.
  • state of disgrace resulting from public abuse
  • a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions
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