• Very annoying or objectionable; offensive or odious.
  • Exposed or subject to harm, injury, or evil.
  • Deserving of or liable to censure.
  • Liable: subject; exposed, as to harm, injury, or punishment: generally with <em>to</em>: as, <em>obnoxious to</em> blame or <em>to</em> criticism.
  • Justly liable to punishment; hence, guilty; reprehensible; censurable.
  • Offensive; odious; hateful.
  • In <em>law</em>, vulnerable; amenable: with <em>to</em>: as, an indefinite allegation in pleading is <em>obnoxious to</em> a motion, but not generally to a demurrer.
  • Subject; liable; exposed; answerable; amenable; -- with to.
  • Liable to censure; exposed to punishment; reprehensible; blameworthy.
  • Very offensive; odious; hateful
  • Very <xref>annoying</xref>, <xref>offensive</xref>, <xref>odious</xref> or <xref>contemptible</xref>.
  • exposed to harm or injury.
  • causing disapproval or protest
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