• A U-shaped piece of wood that fits under and around the neck of an ox, with its upper ends attached to the bar of the yoke.
  • None
  • A U-shaped bend in a river.
  • The land within such a bend of a river.
  • A curved piece of wood the ends of which are inserted into an ox-yoke and held by pins. In use it encircles the neck of the animal. See <internalXref urlencoded="yoke">yoke</internalXref>.
  • A bend or reach of a river resembling an ox-bow in form: a use common in New England.
  • A frame of wood, bent into the shape of the letter U, and embracing an ox's neck as a kind of collar, the upper ends passing through the bar of the yoke; also, anything so shaped, as a bend in a river.
  • A U-shaped piece of <xref>wood</xref> used as a <xref>collar</xref> for an <xref>ox</xref>, the upper parts fastened to its <xref>yoke</xref>
  • A <xref>meander</xref> in a <xref>river</xref>; the <xref>land</xref> enclosed by such a loop
  • a wooden framework bent in the shape of a U; its upper ends are attached to the horizontal yoke and the loop goes around the neck of an ox
  • a U-shaped curve in a stream
  • the land inside an oxbow bend in a river
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