• Either of two African starlings <em>(Buphagus africanus</em> or <em>B. erythrorhyncus)</em> that feed on ticks and other insects found on the hides of large wild or domestic animals.
  • An African bird of the genus <em>Buphaga</em>, or family <em>Buphagidæ</em>: so called from its habit of alighting on cattle to peck for food. See cut under <internalXref urlencoded="Buphaga">Buphaga</internalXref>.
  • It is somewhat smaller than a robin, of a grayish-brown color, with dark wings and a yellow bill. This bird is found in northern and eastern Africa. A second species, the red-billed oxpecker, <em>B. erythrorhyncha</em>, inhabits central Africa. See <internalXref urlencoded="Buphaga">Buphaga</internalXref>, with cut.
  • An African bird of the genus Buphaga; the beefeater.
  • Either of two <xref>species</xref> of <xref>passerine</xref> <xref>bird</xref> in the <xref>genus</xref> <xref>Buphagus</xref>, in the <xref>monotypic</xref> family <xref>Buphagidae</xref>, endemic to <xref>sub-Saharan African</xref> <xref>savannah</xref>.
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