• Any of various, often chemical molecules formed by the attachment of ozone to a double bond or triple bond in an organic compound as an intermediate in ozonolysis.
  • A substance formerly supposed to contain as a constituent ozone or the specially active form of oxygen. The term is sometimes rather vaguely applied to a substance capable of producing ozone.
  • the <xref>univalent</xref> <xref>anion</xref>, O3-, derived from <xref>ozone</xref>
  • any dark red <xref>salt</xref> of this anion and a <xref>metal</xref>
  • any of a number of <xref>explosive</xref> <xref>organic</xref> compounds containing a -O-O-O- group
  • any of a class of <xref>heterocycles</xref>, containing two <xref>carbon</xref> atoms (in positions 3 and 5) and three <xref>oxygen</xref> atoms (in positions 1, 2 and 4) produced by the reaction of ozone with a carbon to carbon <xref>double bond</xref>; the 1,2,4-<xref>trioxolanes</xref>
  • any of a class of unstable chemical compounds resulting from the addition of ozone to a double bond in an unsaturated compound
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