• Loose drawers or trousers, usually of silk or silk and cotton, tied round the waist with a cord, used by both sexes in India, and adopted from the Mohammedans by Europeans as a chamber garment.
  • Originally, in India, loose drawers or trousers, such as those worn, tied about the waist, by Mohammedan men and women; by extension, a similar garment adopted among Europeans, Americans, etc., for wear in the dressing room and during sleep; also, a suit consisting of drawers and a loose upper garment for such wear.
  • <xref>Clothes</xref> for wearing to bed and sleeping in, usually consisting of a loose-fitting shirt and pants/trousers.
  • Loose-fitting <xref>trousers</xref> worn by both sexes in various southern Asian countries including <xref>India</xref>.
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