• A floor made of parquetry.
  • The art or process of making parquetry.
  • None
  • The part of the main floor of a theater between the orchestra pit and the parquet circle.
  • The entire main floor of a theater.
  • To furnish with a floor of parquetry.
  • To make (a floor, for example) of parquetry.
  • Properly, that part of the auditorium of a theater which extends from the usual station of the musicians, in front of the stage, to the parterre, which is the part of the floor beneath the galleries; the former pit of an English theater (<em>pit</em> now being often used in a new sense, equivalent to <em>parterre</em>), or the orchestra of a French theater.
  • In <em>French law:</em> The magistrates who are charged with the conduct of proceedings in criminal cases and misdemeanors.
  • The space in a court-room between the judge's bench and the seats of the counsel.
  • That part of the floor of a bourse which is reserved for the titular stockbrokers.
  • Same as <internalXref urlencoded="parquetry">parquetry</internalXref>.
  • Composed of parquetry: as, a <em>parquet</em> floor.
  • To form or work in parquetry; inlay in wood arranged in a pattern.
  • A body of seats on the floor of a music hall or theater nearest the orchestra; but commonly applied to the whole lower floor of a theater, from the orchestra to the dress circle; the pit.
  • Same as <er>Parquetry</er>.
  • In various European public bourses, the railed-in space within which the “agents de change,” or privileged brokers, conduct business; also, the business conducted by them; -- distinguished from the <contr>coulisse</contr>, or outside market.
  • In most European countries, the branch of the administrative government which is charged with the prevention, investigation, and punishment of crime, representing the public and not the individual injured.
  • made of <xref>parquetry</xref>.
  • a <xref>wooden</xref> <xref>floor</xref> made of <xref>parquetry</xref>.
  • the part of a <xref>theatre</xref> between the <xref>orchestra</xref> and the parquet circle.
  • To <xref>lay</xref> or <xref>fit</xref> such a floor.
  • seating on the main floor between the orchestra and the parquet circle
  • a floor made of parquetry
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