• The crime of willfully and knowingly making a false statement about a material fact while under oath.
  • An act of committing such a crime.
  • The violation of any oath, vow, or solemn affirmation; specifically, in <em>law</em>, the wilful utterance of false testimony under oath or affirmation, before a competent tribunal, upon a point material to a legal inquiry.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> See <internalXref urlencoded="perjure">perjure</internalXref>.
  • False swearing.
  • At common law, a willfully false statement in a fact material to the issue, made by a witness under oath in a competent judicial proceeding. By statute the penalties of perjury are imposed on the making of willfully false affirmations.
  • The <xref>deliberate</xref> giving of <xref>false</xref> or <xref>misleading</xref> <xref>testimony</xref> under <xref>oath</xref>.
  • criminal offense of making false statements under oath
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