• Any of various North American plants of the genus <em>Phlox,</em> having opposite leaves and flowers with a variously colored salverform corolla.
  • A genus of ornamental gamopetalous plants of the order <em>Polemoniaceæ</em>, characterized by a deeply three-valved loculicidal capsule, included stamens unequally inserted on the tube of a salver-shaped corolla, and entire leaves.
  • [<em>lowercase</em>] Any plant of this genus.
  • A genus of American herbs, having showy red, white, or purple flowers.
  • the larva of an American moth (<spn>Heliothis phloxiphaga</spn>). It is destructive to phloxes.
  • the moss pink. See under <er>Moss</er>.
  • Any <xref>flowering</xref> <xref>plant</xref> of the <xref>genus</xref> <xref>Phlox</xref>.
  • any polemoniaceous plant of the genus Phlox; chiefly North American; cultivated for their clusters of flowers
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