• A public square in an Italian town.
  • A roofed and arcaded passageway; a colonnade.
  • A veranda.
  • An open square in a town surrounded by buildings or colonnades; a plaza: as, the <em>piazza</em> of Covent Garden; the <em>Piazza</em> del Popolo in Rome; the <em>Piazza</em> dell' Annunziata in Florence.
  • An arcaded or colonnaded walk upon the exterior of a building; a veranda; a gallery.
  • An open square in a European town, especially an Italian town; hence (Arch.), an arcaded and roofed gallery; a portico. In the United States the word is popularly applied to a veranda.
  • A public <xref>square</xref>, especially in an Italian city.
  • A <xref>veranda</xref>.
  • a public square with room for pedestrians
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