• Filled with imaginary animals and other beings, as primitive religious conceptions; zoölatrous.
  • Having the characters of the <em>Polyzoa</em>; existing in the form of a colony composed of a number of zoöids.
  • In <em>Sporozoa</em>, designating a spore that produces many falciform bodies. Contrasted with <em>monozoic, dizoic</em>, etc.
  • In cestodes, having the body consisting of metamerically arranged regions each containing a set of generative organs, as in <internalXref urlencoded="T%C3%A6nia">Tænia</internalXref>. Compare <internalXref urlencoded="monozoic">monozoic</internalXref>.
  • Pertaining to <xref>polyzoa</xref>.
  • Consisting of a <xref>colony</xref> of <xref>zooids</xref> or similar organisms
  • A <xref>spore</xref> that produces lots of <xref>sporozoites</xref>.
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