• To put or attach before or in front of.
  • To settle or arrange in advance.
  • None
  • To add as a prefix.
  • To add a prefix to.
  • An affix, such as <em>dis-</em> in <em>disbelieve,</em> attached to the front of a word to produce a derivative word or an inflected form.
  • A title placed before a person's name.
  • To fix or put before; place in front; put at the beginning.
  • To fix beforehand; set or appoint in advance; settle beforehand.
  • A word or syllable, or a number of syllables, rarely more than two, and usually one (sometimes reduced to a single consonant not forming a syllable), affixed to the beginning of a word, to qualify its meaning or direct, its application: opposed to <em>suffix</em> or <em>postfix</em>, a like addition at the end of a word.
  • The act of prefixing; prefixion.
  • That which is prefixed; esp., one or more letters or syllables combined or united with the beginning of a word to modify its signification.
  • To put or fix before, or at the beginning of, another thing.
  • To set or appoint beforehand; to settle or establish antecedently.
  • That which is prefixed; especially one or more <xref>letters</xref> or <xref>syllables</xref> added to the beginning of a word to <xref>modify</xref> its meaning; as, <xref>pre-</xref> in prefix, <xref>con-</xref> in conjure.
  • attach a prefix to
  • an affix that is added in front of the word
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