• Causing or tending to cause harm, especially to a legal case.
  • Showing or full of prejudice; biased.
  • To prejudice; injure; harm.
  • Pertaining to prejudice or prejudgment; prejudiced; biased.
  • Causing prejudice or injury; hurtful; detrimental; disadvantageous.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> Deleterious, damaging.
  • Biased, possessed, or blinded by prejudices.
  • Tending to obstruct or impair; hurtful; injurious; disadvantageous; detrimental.
  • exhibiting <xref>prejudice</xref> or <xref>bias</xref>
  • causing <xref>harm</xref> or <xref>injury</xref>; <xref>detrimental</xref>, <xref>harmful</xref> or <xref>injurious</xref>
  • (sometimes followed by `to') causing harm or injury
  • tending to favor preconceived ideas
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