• Extending outward; projecting.
  • Relating to or made by projection.
  • Designating a property of a geometric figure that does not vary when the figure undergoes projection.
  • Produced by projection.
  • In <em>geometry</em>, relating to incidences and coincidences; not metrical: as, a <em>projective</em> theorem or property.
  • Capable, as two plane figures, of being derived from one another by a number of projections and sections.
  • <xref>projecting</xref> <xref>outward</xref>
  • of, relating to, or caused by a <xref>projection</xref>
  • describing those properties of a <xref>figure</xref> that are <xref>invariant</xref> upon <xref>projection</xref>
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