• A device for projecting a beam of light.
  • A device that projects an image onto a screen or other surface.
  • One who devises plans or projects.
  • In <em>projective geometry</em>: A projecting straight.
  • A projecting plane.
  • An eject.
  • One who forms projects; one who forms a scheme or design; a schemer.
  • That which projects; specifically, a parabolic mirror, or a lens or combination of lenses, used for projecting a beam of light.
  • A camera for throwing an image on a screen by means of electric, magnesium, oxyhydrogen, or other suitable light.
  • The square of the area of a plane triangle divided by the continued product of the sides.
  • One who projects a scheme or design; hence, one who forms fanciful or chimerical schemes.
  • an optical instrument which projects an image from a transparency or an opaque image onto a projection screen or other surface, using an intense light and one or more lenses to focus the image. The term <ex>projector</ex> by itself is usually used for projection of transparent images by passing the light beam through the image; a <ex>projector</ex> which projects an image of an opaque object is now ususally referred to as an <stype>overhead projector</stype>. In projection of this latter form the projection is accomplished by means of a combination of lenses with a prism and a mirror or reflector. Specific instruments have been called by different names, such as <altname>balopticon</altname>, <altname>radiopticon</altname>, <altname>radiopticon</altname>, <altname>mirrorscope</altname>, etc.
  • a projector for displaying images from individual transparencies (slides), each mounted in a separate frame suited to the mechanics of the projector.
  • a projector which displays a series of images from a roll of transparent film in rapid sucession, thus giving the impression of showing a scene with motion as it originally was recorded.
  • see <er>projector{2}</er>, above.
  • An <xref>optical</xref> <xref>device</xref> that <xref>projects</xref> a <xref>beam</xref> of <xref>light</xref>, especially one used to project an <xref>image</xref> (or moving images) onto a <xref>screen</xref>.
  • A person who devises or manages <xref>projects</xref>; a <xref>planner</xref>.
  • an optical device for projecting a beam of light
  • an optical instrument that projects an enlarged image onto a screen
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