• A pyxis.
  • In <em>botany</em>, same as <internalXref urlencoded="pyxis">pyxis</internalXref>, 9.
  • [<em>capitalized</em>] In <em>zoology</em>, a genus of <em>Vorticellinidæ.</em>
  • A pod which divides circularly into an upper and lower half, of which the former acts as a kind of lid, as in the pimpernel and purslane.
  • The theca of mosses.
  • A <xref>seed</xref> <xref>capsule</xref> in the form of a <xref>box</xref>, the seeds being released when the top splits off.
  • fruit of such plants as the plantain; a capsule whose upper part falls off when the seeds are released
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